Thats like….1 tightbored m110s/sr25s…..a piece…

6.03mm(650mm) Tightbore 

Unmatched pew pew gun 

SRC G36c turned DMR with a 363mm(6.03mm) tb and a stronger spring.Oh, and that is an M4 outer barrel fitted on it. cant wait to test it out this Saturday.

Made a temporary wall mount until I can set up a proper grid.

Fitted it with a new 407mm(6.03mm) tightbore
Fixed the bottom rail so I have a grip again
Fitted a red dot
and just modded my 2 high caps into  a single dual mag. 
ohh, and a new paintjob to mask all the scratches and what not.

has the same accuracy as my un-upgraded r700 and just a slight range difference.
ill buy some .28s and see if i can use those in a game instead of .25s 

next up: a high torque(when my old one breaks) 

‎A percussive noise brought upon by a compressed wave of vibrations traveling through the atmosphere modulated so as to be cacophonous. A fall of shot so exquisitely positioned so as to strike in my target’s frontal cranium.= BOOM HEADSHOT.

(Source: s-s-airsoft)

M4 fitted with a 363mm(6.03mm) tightbore+red dot